This is how to find cheap flights –

Want to know how you can get the cheapest flights? Read our industry insights and discover how you can get the best airfare deals out there

Want to know how you can get the cheapest flights? Read our industry insights and discover how you can get the best airfare deals out there


We know that one of the most stressful things about planning a vacation is wondering how to get cheap flights. When is the best time to book and when should you fly?


We’ve analyzed more than 100 million fares on thousands of routes* to bring you the most up-to-date and accurate figures, enabling you to make a highly informed decision on when to book flight tickets.


If you’re wondering how to get cheap flights, look no further. No matter if you’re booking flights for business or leisure, our Annual Flight Study is your gateway to finding out how to book cheap flights.


Let’s break it down!


The best time to book is 60 days in advance. That could save you up to 34% (booking a flight the same day is the most expensive, with prices potentially being up to 36% more).


The best day of the week to fly is on Tuesday, which could save you up to 11%. You might want to avoid Saturdays, as they can add up to 10% to your ticket price.


And finally, try to fly in the evening for potential savings of up to 9%.



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